AFSN statement Norway Transparency Act 2022

Company introduction 

Aviation Fuelling Services Norway AS (AFSN) had company start 1 July 2015 and was established as  part of the transaction when Shell on 1 October 2015 completed the sale of its Downstream business  in Norway to St1 from Finland. AFSN is subsequently a demerged company having its origin in AS  Norske Shell and comprises former Shell owned Aviation activities and several decades of  representation in Norway. 

The company AFSN is a Marketing Joint Venture which Shell and St1 equally own 50/50 and is  registered as a corporate entity in Norway. The purpose of the company is to deliver, distribute, sell  and market Aviation fuels to airlines at airports and bulk customers delivered by truck, vessel or self pickup. 

AFSN is one of the three active oil companies in Norway active on selling Jet A-1 to airlines at airports  and bulk to Norway local military at their installations. 

In addition to own capacities and competencies, the company AFSN has also support and co operation agreements with its owners Shell and St1 within the areas: 

Commercial Service 

Technical Service 

Product Quality & Development 



Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) 

Governance & Assurance 




The AFSN company website can be visited at 

Organizationally is AFSN structured functionally with Finance/IT, Sales, OPS/HSSE and Supply as  areas. All the functional managers in the company report to the CEO who reports to the AFSN board  which consists of four members – two from Shell and two from St1. The company’s top forum is the  Annual General Meeting. 

AFSN’s obligation toward human rights and decent working conditions 

Corporate governance, code of conduct, assurance schemes, defined policies and business ethics are  all integrated elements in the AFSN operation. The company is committed and responsible towards operating in a sustainable and safe manner with respect for human rights, fundamental principles, people and the environment. 

Responsible operation and positive contribution to the society, are core values in AFSN. This includes treatment of human beings and the environment with highest possible respect. AFSN follows as a  minimum Norway legislation on Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) but has in many  aspects much stricter internal regulations in place. 

AFSN is also committed to provide a safe workplace for its employees and that staff is treated with  respect and enjoy working in the company. HSSE is a key priority, and the company has a Goal Zero vision on negative impact to people, equipment, external society and environment from its 

operation. AFSN’s HSSE work is governed by several manuals, policies, handbooks, a management  system, audits and the company produce both an annual HSSE plan and monthly reports. 

Diversity and inclusiveness are key priorities in AFSN and there exist a zero tolerance towards  harassment of any kind. The company works systematic on these areas and has a clear strategy  ensuring no difference in treatment on sex, sexuality, language, ethnicity, nationality, age, religion, and other back grounds – both when recruiting and during employment. Staff has equal rights and  opportunities and are encouraged through the code of conduct policy to connect confidentially with  CEO or Board if found needed. 

AFSN follows the Norway law (The Transparency Act = Åbenhetsloven) on corporate’s openness and  work with fundamental human rights and decent working conditions and which obligate companies  to assess these across own operation and its chain of supply. Respect for human rights and standards  for decent working conditions, are in AFSN’s view the foundation for long term sustainable and  responsible supply chains. AFSN aims to take its part of this responsibility by evaluating its business  partners and own operation on least an annual basis. 

Suppliers & Business Partners 

AFSN expect its suppliers and business partners to act and comply with the Transparency Act as the  company demand of itself. 

AFSN has a very short list of suppliers in total and especially if viewing domiciled outside Norway.  Majority of product and services being purchased, come predominantly from AFSN’s owners or  AFSN’s own affiliates in Norway. This position with so much internal trading, is viewed to consist of  more than 95% of AFSN spending and where majority of the involved parties either being established  parties in Norway already included in the Transparency Act scheme themselves or foreign companies  f.ex. operating according to UK Slavery Act and/or very soon the EU Transparency Act following the  OECD agreement. The overall evaluation is therefore also that potential conflict towards the Transparency Act is rather unlikely due the very few stakeholders and especially the size of internal  trading with connected Norwegian companies already obligated themselves by the Act. 

AFSN will however regularly be reviewing its main suppliers and business partners with a clear  communication on expectations towards HSSE, fundamental human rights, decent working  conditions, diversity, inclusiveness and a zero tolerance towards harassment of any kind. 

In the case where a breach or a risk for such on above, is being found at our partners and their  subcontractors, AFSN expect to be notified. The company will be following up with the involved  partner and contributing to a solution but if no progression made within reasonable time,  suspension or termination of contract could in worst case occur. 


For further information, can AFSN CEO be contacted. 

On behalf of the AFSN Board and Management, 

Flemming Sindberg 


Mobile: +47 469 17 876 Phone: +47 22 54 00 50 

Kristian Augusts Gate 13 0164 Oslo, Norway