About Us

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Aviation Fuelling Services Norway AS (AFSN) is your provider of aviation fuel in the Norwegian market, founded on the nationwide presence and experience of Shell's operations in the country.

AFSN is present at 16 airports in Norway for general fueling services. We even sell aviation fuel in bulk to clients and retailers.

The products you will find available in Norway are Jet A-1 and Avgas 100LL, which are the relevant kinds of fuels used in aviation.

We serve both Norwegian and international customers, ranging from big international airline companies to smaller local companies and private owners.

AFSN is owned by ST1 Nordic and Shell.

Our operations are based on Shell’s former aviation fuel network in Norway, dating back around 60 years.

AFSN has been active as a company since 1 July 2015. We are a new team with lots of courage and experience, operating in an exciting international environment.