1. What Changed?

According to EU Regulation 1907/2006, it will become prohibited from 1st December 2023 to place on the market, and use, for supply to the general public, Cumene in concentrations of >0.1% in a mixture. 

Therefore, where placed for sale in the EU, aviation fuels that may contain cumene above the 0.1% threshold may only be used by professional users. 

2. How will this impact you as a customer?

Customers purchasing fuel that may contain cumene above the 0.1% threshold through a self-serve cabinet shall only do so if they are professional users.  

Signage will be placed on all self-serve machines where cumene may be higher than 0.1%.  If no signage is in place, then it may be assumed that the cumene content is below the 0.1% threshold. 

The use of self-serve with signage is an implied confirmation of being a professional user. 

3. What is a professional user?

Professional users are those who: 

  • Hold a professional pilot licence.
  • Only fuel in a controlled non-public airport environment.
  • Only use AFSN supplied aviation fuel for aircraft use and for no other purpose.
  • Have training, knowledge, and experience in fuelling aircraft.
  • Use appropriate recommended PPE.
  • Are fully aware of the provisions of the Safety Data Sheet []
  • Take all appropriate safety precautions when fuelling the aircraft.
  • ensure that the fuelling is made to the closed system of the aircraft. 

4. Is this applicable for Avgas or Jet A1?

Cumene can be found in both Jet A-1 and Avgas. AFSN is taking measures to reduce and eliminate cumene where feasible. Where cumene remains to be at a higher level than the dictate by the legislation, signs saying ‘for professional users only’ will be left to alert the users.

5. What is Cumene?

Cumene is an organic compound present in crude oil and refined fuels, now classified as CMR ( Carcinogenic, Mutagenic, and Reprotoxic) chemical. Although an exemption has been implemented for ground fuels to allow sales of fuels with more than 0.1% cumene concentration to the general public, the limitation of sales to professional users remains applicable to aviation fuels. 

The amount of cumene in AVGAS and Jet fuel vary from supplier to supplier.  Where cumene levels may be above 0.1%, signs will be at the self-serve equipment to alert users that the machines are to only be used by professionals.

6. Did the content of fuels sold by AFSN change?

No, these measures are not a result of changes in our fuel or sourcing process. Cumene has long existed in aviation and ground fuels, and regulations have now reclassified it as a CMR (Carcinogenic, Mutagenic and Reprotoxic) chemical. 

We are working to eliminate or reduce cumene from our fuel supply.

7. What to do if I am unsure

If you do not fulfil the criteria of professional users, or unsure, our recommendation is to be fuelled by a specialist operator. Visit [] to find out your nearest operated location. 

8. Do I need to take any extra precautions?

It is recommended that users of aviation fuels review the material safety datasheets and take relevant precautions, including recommended PPE including Nitrile Gloves. 

9. Where to get the Safety Data Sheets of the fuel?

Visit [] to find the SDS for the products we supply.